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What Hat Are You Wearing?

What hat are you wearing right now?

Everyday we wear so many different hats. The Parent Hat; the Worker Hat; the Driver Hat; the Chef Hat; and many, many more.

We can combine self-esteem building with staying in the moment by using those hats to our advantage. At this moment I'm wearing my Article Writer Hat. I'm telling myself, "I'm the very best Article Writer I can be right now." A few minutes ago I took out the garbage - and I was wearing my Garbage Girl Hat, thinking to myself, "I'm the best garbage bearer I can be at this moment."

We can build self esteem by creating situations in which we're succeeding at a task, to be used as positive affirmations. Hat Wearing is another way to do just that. When we're doing our daily tasks, think about what Hat you're wearing at that moment. While driving to work, for example, you're wearing your Driver Hat. During that drive, you may put special feathers in it: the I-Just-Let-Someone-Pull-In-My-Lane Feather, for example. You can create a positive affirmation around that event - "I'm a considerate driver."

While at work, find feathers to put in your Worker Hat. The I-Just-Did-A-Great-Job-On-That-Project Feather, the I-Resolved-A-Conflict-With-A-Coworker Feather, the I-Stayed-On-Schedule Feather are just a few examples, and create your own affirmations around them, even if it's an I'm-Trying-To-Do-The-Best-I-Can feather.

Tell yourself, "I'm the very best 'X' I can be right now." Even if you make a mistake or don't do as well as you'd hoped, the statement is still true. At that moment you did the very best you could do. You can resolve to do better if you've made a mistake or want to improve a skill, but at that moment you did the very best you could do in the situation you were in.

This is a great way to stay present in the moment. There are an infinite number of "hats" that can be worn. The Walking on the Street Hat, the Dish Washer Hat, the Dog Feeder Hat. Remind yourself that you are being the very best Hat Wearer that you can be right now.

Don't forget to have some empathy for others around you. They are doing the best they can do at this moment in time - even if they hurt your feelings or do something you don't approve of. Put on your I'm An Empathetic and Compassionate Person Hat, and remember you can only control your own thoughts and responses to others.


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