"It really sucks to wake up in the morning all by yourself.  Been there, done that.  Made the t-shirt myself.  I know how you're feeling, and I know I can help!"

                                                                 -Susan Petang

Susan has been a Certified Life Coach since 2017, but she's had over 30 years of experience coaching others.

She's mom to 4 grown children, and "G'Ma" to 1.

Many years were spent in Sales, Sales Management, Sales Training and Mentoring, and as a business owner, training others to be exceptional.

After making lots of poor choices, she was ready to give up on dating.  After creating - and living - her program, "The Quiet Zone Method," she overcame her anxiety and depression.  Now she's developed a new program to help other divorced women find their Ideal Partner and get off the "loser merry-go-round."

If you'd like to discover what she's learned for yourself, grab your "Free Breakthrough Discovery Session" to see what's holding you back in your love life, and what you need to do to attract your Ideal Partner. 

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