"It really sucks to wake up in the morning worrying, 'What's going to happen today?'  Been there, done that.  Made the t-shirt myself.  I know how you're feeling, and I know I can help!"

                                                                 -Susan Petang

I've suffered with anxiety and depression as long as I can remember.  In fact, I still remember the first panic attack I had in kindergarten.

I never really learned to manage stress, and made a whole lot of horrible, life altering mistakes because I was constantly trying to either protect myself, or make myself feel happy. 

I also went through a bunch of jobs, hurt the people I loved most, and felt the universe was targeting me.

It seemed like there was something so very wrong with me that I could never get better.

Therapy and medication were helpful, sure, but I still felt unhappy.  "Stuck." 

Then I realized that my own thought process was the problem.  I trained myself to think in a different way, and view the world through different lenses.  After a ton of research and experimentation, I discovered what works and what doesn't.  The Quiet Zone Method was born.

It can work for you, too!  With over 30 years of training, mentoring, and coaching experience, I can teach you the same methods I learned to overcome stress, anxiety, poor communication skills, and negative view of life.  Here's what some of my clients are saying:

"For the first time, I was able to get on a plane without taking a Xanax."  - Meryl E.

"Great techniques, as always!"  -Lynn R.

"I agree with everything you said."  -Laraine B.

"I didn't know what mindfulness really is..."  - Kathy L.

"I learned so many ways to get along better with my 15 year old daughter!"  - Claudia M.

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