Are You Ready to Rise Above Your Obstacles?

Stress, Frustration, Pain, & "Overwhelm":  Take Control, and Start Waking Up Happy in the Morning! 


Here are just a few of the things you will learn with The Quiet Zone Method:

  • Get "Unstuck" - and reinvent yourself

  • Learn what to do when life hurts and you feel overwhelmed

  • Stop being frustrated & irritable - learn how to handle anything with grace

  • Stop wasting your precious life on not feeling good

  • Get yourself on track - learn how to motivate yourself

  • Relationships!  Create healthy relationships partners, friends, and family

  • Handle toxic people and situations without being bitchy

  • Build your self confidence and self esteem so you can be successful at home, work, and school

  • Learn how to stand up for yourself and not be bullied or sucked dry by psychic vampires

  • Learn how to get motivated, organized, and start living your life

  • Find out how you can make the world a better place by making YOUR life better

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Prices & Packages:

Essential Coping Skills Assessment:  FREE  You get a one-to-one coaching session with me via Zoom or Google Meet.  We'll determine what's going on in your life, the top 3 obstacles holding you back from your goals, the #1 strategy to get you moving, and how I can help you get where you want to be! Please note:  The Quiet Zone Method is appropriate and effective for teens 16 and older.  Click here to get started:

Try-It-On Program:  $179  You get three individual sessions, complete with video lessons and worksheets.  Try on coaching before you make a commitment to a package.  Best of all, you get credit for what you've spent toward the package of your choice (not applicable toward Power Sessions).  Click here to schedule your free diagnostic session:


The Quiet Zone Method:  $2495  You get unlimited one-to-one sessions (during normal business hours), a customized program to meet your needs, video lessons, worksheets, and email support over 6 months.  Please note:  The Quiet Zone Method is appropriate and effective for teens 16 and older.  Click here to schedule your free diagnostic session:

The Quiet Zone Method for Outstanding Customer Service/The Quiet Zone Method: Warm, Fuzzy, and Profitable:  Provide your team with a stress-free formula for outstanding customer service, or promote team building with soft skills training.  This program is the direct result of my extensive experience as a Sales Manager and Trainer, in both B2B and B2C environments.  Your staff learns how to solve problems with less stress, communicate effectively, and be positive & solution oriented.  Retain clients and staff effectively!  Click here to schedule a free consultation:

"Susan is an amazing stress management coach! She taught me many techniques on how to manage and control my stress levels. I found Susan to be very knowledgable and insightful during my sessions. She helped me identify where my stress was coming from and how to handle and manage it.  I highly recommend her services. Thank you Susan!"

                                            -Katie S.

"Susan worked on many issues and helped coach me into gaining a better perspective on my relationships and helped teach me tools to resolve conflicts in all areas of my life. Every moment she was understanding and helped me find my own strength and self-worth."

                              -Vanessa M.

 The Quiet Zone Method: Essential Skills & Tools to Wake Up Happy Every Morning!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Unit 1: Changing How You View Life   You'll work on the foundations of life:  Values, Spirituality, Finding Your Purpose, and teaching your body to stay calm and focused, so it's not fighting your mind.  You'll also learn about being mindful, grateful, and positive, and how to build an unshakeable self esteem and self confidence.

  • Unit 2:  Dealing Masterfully with Negatives  What do we do when the moment stinks?  This unit will show you what to do when things get rough, how to keep negative crap from happening over and over again, and how to deal unrealistic expectations.

  • Unit 3:  Calm & In Control with Others  We don't live in a bubble.  Family, friends, acquaintances, and coworkers come into contact with us all the time.  This unit is about handling conflict, asking for what we want, dealing with criticism and toxic people, and building healthy relationships.

  • Unit 4:  Smooth Sailing for the Future  Let's get organized.  Learn to plan your days, your life, and set goals for the future.  


"Susan is a wonderfully warm and understanding person. She really listened to my concerns and helped me to identify my own self-destructive thought patterns and provided me with resources to help me be present by using mindfulness."

                                          -Lisa R.

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