Who Can Use Coaching?


Everyone!  You don't need special skills to learn a better way to view life and deal with everyday problems.  During your Free Consultation, we'll figure out what's going on in your life, make sure we're a good "fit," and create a customized plan to make it happen!

The Quiet Zone Coaching provides concrete exercises to show you how to make powerful changes in your life.  

Mindful Lifestyle & Stress Management Coaching is a must-have for the following groups:

  • People Who Feel "Stuck" in Life

  • Parents of Teenagers

  • Those Who Want a Better Work/Life Balance

  • New/Working Parents

  • Teachers

  • Health Care Professionals

  • LGBT Community

  • Police/Firemen

  • GAD/Depression 


  • OCD

  • College Students

Take the 8 Week Challenge for a better life!

What Are the Benefits of Coaching?

Affordable & effective, here are just some of the benefits of Mindful Stress Management Coaching:

  • Learn to Stay Calm

  • Find Joy in Daily Life

  • Find Meaning and Value in Daily Life

  • Learn to Communicate Effectively

  • Learn to Resolve Conflict

  • Create Healthy Relationships

  • Learn to Manage Responsibilities More Effectively

  • Learn How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

  • Replace Negative Thoughts & Emotions with Positive, Beneficial Ones

The Quiet Zone Coaching is a combination of proven psychology, adaptive coping skills, mindfulness, and common sense.  Stress and the problems of daily life are inevitable; it's what we do with them and our attitudes toward them that make our experience unpleasant.  The Quiet Zone Coaching guides you to a better way of viewing your life and the world around you.

Are you ready to take the 8 week challenge?  Schedule your Complimentary Consultation now to discover what The Quiet Zone Coaching can do for YOU!



8 Week Challenge Package:  $459 ($57.38/session, no-interest financing available) 

12 Week Package:  $619 ($51.58/session, no-interest financing available)

16 Week Package:  $729 ($45.56/session, no-interest financing available)  

"No One Left Behind":  Having financial issues?  I have a special fee structure for those with financial difficulties.  Contact me for details.

Individual Sessions:  $69

Student Sessions:  $40/half hour session (must be full time student)

Prices are for 45 minute weekly sessions held on Zoom* - a free online conferencing site - for the convenience of working from home or office. A Zoom app is available so you can participate in your coaching sessions anywhere!  Easy payment by credit card, Venmo, or PayPal.


*Face-to-face sessions are available for local New York clients at a slightly higher fee.  Please contact Susan for availability.

Why Should I Offer Coaching to My Employees?


Mindful Lifestyle & Stress Management Coaching does the following for your business:

  • Teaches Better Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Skills

  • Assists in Employee Retention

  • Creates a Better Working Environment

  • Increases Productivity

Contact The Quiet Zone to find out how you can obtain a webinar for your employees or organization.

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