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What Causes Distress in Daily Life? Part I

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

There are usually two things that cause distress in our day-to-day experiences. One is unrealistic expectations of reality - how we expect things should be, or how we think others should behave. (We'll cover that in another post.)

The second is not being mindful in the moment.

Living in the moment is essential for dealing with the stresses of everyday life.  How much time do we spend every day waiting for the next thing to happen, thinking about the next thing we have to do, or ruminating about something that’s past?

The secret is not only to stay in the present moment, but to find positivity in it.  What is amazing and wondrous? What can we be grateful for? What lesson can we take from this moment, right now?

Staying present in the moment can be an exhausting task, and it’s not easy.  Something happens, though, when we do so - we become calmer, more focused, less clumsy, and joy over the experience of life arises.  Prejudices and dislikes give way to acceptance and peace.

There will be many times, even after you think you’ve mastered this skill, that you find your mind wandering into the future or the past.  When you notice it happening, gently bring your mind back to the present without judgement. Remember the saying, “Energy flows where attention goes.”

Living in the moment doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t enjoy reminiscing about happy past times, or avoid planning for our future and setting goals.  The difference is finding (and scheduling into our busy lives, if necessary) appropriate times for those activities. The obsession over being somewhere other than the present is where problems arise.  Make those times enjoyable in the moment they are happening.

Learning to be mindful is just one of the ways we can manage stress. Check out the Services page to find the right package for your needs!


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