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Tips for Being a Better Partner

When our relationships aren't doing well, it affects the rest of our world, too. Here are some tips for being a better partner:

1.  Cheating is a no-no.  It seems like a no-brainer, but loyalty is extremely important.  How can you be a good partner if you're also playing in someone else's playground?

2.  Learning good communication skills is a must. Active Listening is a wonderful tool.  This involves really listening to what your spouse is saying, and summarizing it back before adding your own opinion or comment.  "It sounds like you had a really bad day today.  It must be awful when your boss gives you a hard time!  What can I do to help?"

3.  Learn conflict resolution skills.  Being able to work through conflict without degenerating into an argument is another important skill for a happy relationship.  Avoid statements like, "You always do this!" or, "Why are you acting this way?"  Always stay calm (agree to discuss things later if necessary if things get too heated), and only speak about your own feelings and opinions.  "I get angry when you leave the garbage for me to take out because I don't always have the time.  What is a good way we can get it out by working together?"  Always focus on the goal.  Think about what is happening right now, rather than what happened a week, month, or year ago.

4.  Always be willing to compromise.  Be willing to negotiate.  "I'd really like to watch the game on Saturday.  How would it be if we went out for a nice dinner on Friday instead?" or, "I'll come shopping with you today if you come to the concert with me tonight."

5.  Be romantic.  Surprise your partner with little favors, flowers, or trinkets just to let them know you're thinking about them.

6.  Say, "I love you," every day.

If you would like to learn more about being a better partner and improving your relationships, email me at or message me through the contact page.


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