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Repel "Love Losers" Fast (don't get trapped feeling sorry for them!)

You know the kind. They seem so nice at first. They shower you with compliments and little gifts. You feel like you’re the only people in the world when you’re together. It feels so magical!

Then the rot sets in.

They start borrowing money from you that never seems to get repaid. Or they disappear and don’t answer your calls or texts, then suddenly reappear like nothing has happened. They never have time for you anymore - they’re always wrapped up in their buddies or their work.

You start to feel like you’re being used as a booty call for when they have nothing else to do. Or you might start feeling like they’re another one of your children, always needing something from you - and then they disappear again. You want to throw the bum out, but you feel so sorry for him - after all, he’s so nice!

We have to repel this kind of person before they get their hooks in us! How?

Let me ask you this: What kind of messages are you sending out? What kind of “vibe” do others get from you?

What we send out into the world is a big factor in what we end up attracting. By sending a message of confidence, a message of, “I don’t need you, but I might be willing to let you in if I choose to,” we’ll scare away the user/abuser types immediately. After all, they want someone who is desperate! How can we change our message?

Start by listening to what you’re telling yourself. Do you feel like you’re getting too old to attract someone? Are you struggling with feelings of inadequacy? Do you think, “I can’t find a decent guy because I’m not as thin and beautiful as I used to be,” or, “I’m too quiet and shy to start talking to people,” or, “I’ve become set in my ways; can I really find someone to fit into my life at this stage?” What does that little voice in the back of your mind tell you? It gives you a great indication of what your subconscious mind really feels.

A great way to stop that voice - and build your self-confidence back! - is to use a life mantra. The mantra that my clients use to start their healing is, “I’m a bad-ass because…”

You might be a bad-ass because you got the kids to school on time. Maybe you’re a bad-ass because you finished a report for your boss early. Or you could be a bad-ass because you got the food shopping done in record time.

Notice that these mantras all center around small, everyday occurrences, and that they’re all based in something real. Small things add up to big things, and that little devil that sits on your shoulder can’t argue with something you really did. (That’s why affirmations don’t work!) By retraining your subconscious to notice what a bad-ass you really are, you’ll start attracting a new caliber of partner!

This is only one of the ways you start attracting the perfect partner for you. There is so much more! If you’d like to discover the top 3 things that are holding you back from your ideal partner, and the #1 thing you can do to start finding him/her, go to and schedule a Perfect Partner Assessment. It’s my gift to you, but grab it now before they go away!


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