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Life Mantras: What They Are, and How They Help Your Love Life


Yes, mantras. They aren’t always about religion or spiritual beliefs - sometimes they’re tools for learning. You can use them to build self-confidence, reduce stress, and to create an “attitude of gratitude” - a more positive outlook on life.

One of the definitions of a mantra, according to Oxford Languages, is a statement or slogan repeated frequently.

Why is this important? Because repetition is one way that we learn. It also creates an easy way to remember tools to help us get through the day (a huge bonus after a divorce). When we use a life mantra, we’re sending a message to our subconscious. We’re retraining it to think in a more positive way, instead of falling back on old messages from our past that were traumatic or unhealthy.

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Have you ever listened to the little voice in your head? You know it - it’s the one that tells you, “You sure messed that up,” or, “She really doesn’t like you,” or, “I’ll never get this to work!” That dialogue is really your subconscious mind telling you what you really believe about yourself, life, and others. We can change that self-talk, and improve not only our outlook on life, but also our self-confidence and our relationships by creating positive life mantras.

What we send out into the world determines what we get back. If the face we show the world is positive, grateful, content, and self-confident, those traits will be familiar to the kind of people we want to attract. If we’re desperate, needy, negative, and feel worthless, we’ll end up with either co-dependent relationships or psychic vampires and bullies buzzing around us.

Here are a few examples of life mantras and what you can use them for:

“One good thing about this moment is…” Have you ever been accused of being negative? Maybe you feel like all you do is complain. This life mantra is great for teaching our subconscious to be positive and grateful. Maybe the good thing about this moment is that the socks you’re wearing are really comfortable. Maybe it’s that you finally have a minute to relax. It could be that you’ve barely managed to survive a horrific day. But there is always something. Seek it out. Focus on it.

“I’m a bad-ass because…” This one is awesome at building self-confidence and self-esteem. You might be a bad-ass because you remembered to stop for toilet paper on the way home. Or are you a bad-ass because you made yourself a delicious lunch? Find all the little things you do every day and tell yourself what a bad-ass you are for doing them!

“I’m allowed to do this.” How often do we feel like we’re not allowed to do anything for ourselves? All day long we do things to take care of what the boss needs, what the kids need, what our friends need, and what our parents need. You are allowed to make the time to do something for you.

“This isn’t true because…” Earlier we talked about that running dialogue in our head. Sometimes it tells us stuff that isn’t true. It may try to convince us that we’re not worthy. It may make us feel stupid, inadequate, or not deserving. It might try to convince us that life is out to get us, or that life has to be hard. Use this mantra along with examples that prove the subconscious voice wrong. “This isn’t true because someone who is worthless wouldn’t have a job or great kids..” “This isn’t true because I deserve this promotion. I work hard, and I’m good at what I do.”

“THAT was easy!” This one is the most fun. How many times during our days do we dread starting chores or tasks because they seem overwhelming? How often do we avoid things that we think are going to be uncomfortable? To use this mantra, break tasks up into small, bite-sized bits. Make a plan for dealing with uncomfortable situations, like deciding only to wait in the doctor’s office for half an hour before rescheduling. Then, after you do it, use the mantra. “THAT was easy!” Then pat yourself on the back, give yourself a big round of applause, and say, “I’m a bad-ass for making it seem so easy!”

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