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I've been away too long. I'm sorry.

I guess I've been so busy creating content and going Live! that I haven't been keeping my blog updated.

So let me assure you that I haven't forgotten! Here are some of the things I've been working on. You can access them directly instead of waiting for me to create a blog entry!

The first thing to check out is my YouTube Channel - it's called, "The Quiet Zone Coaching."

Here's a really convoluted link you can copy and paste into your browser:

(I really don't know why they have to look like that. I guess YouTube has too many subscribers and videos!) Make sure you subscribe!

On that channel you'll find my free content and also some video episodes of my podcast - "Dear Aunt Susan - Advice on Being Human." This is the best place to access the podcast, since I'll be transitioning it to 100% on YouTube very soon.

OK, I admit that I'm not the smoothest person on camera. But if you can deal with my weirdness, there is a TON of good advice there.

I'm also going to add YouTube Live onto my Facebook Live content. That show is called "Before You Go," and it's impromptu chatter about different subjects that I pulled from a random content calendar. It's fun, I screw up all the time, and you might learn something!

That also means you should like my Facebook Page -

Frankly, I hate Facebook. ("Sorry about that" to my followers who are there constantly.) But there are lots of great videos and posts you can read.

Next, check out my website store. Yes, right here on this website. Look at the tabs, choose "Shop" and you'll see all the great new resources - something for everyone! (Keep your eyes out for the "Meditation and Cuddle Wubbies" that will be coming out very soon. All handmade, in different sizes and shapes - there are a few that are mandala shaped, very cool, so check back often.

Right now you can pick up the Tiny Tools for Radical Results. These are mini-lessons, complete with a video and worksheet, and are only $27!

There are also Power Sessions available - also a video and worksheet, but they come with a 45 minute 1:1 online coaching session. They're only $97!

I've also realigned my packages to be more in sync with what my clients need. Sooooo, I'm proud to announce the launch of new coaching services. Here they are!

  • Free Essential Life Skills Diagnostic Session We'll determine what's keeping you from waking up happy in the morning, and you'll get an actionable tool to get the ball rolling.

  • Try It On Package So many people tell me that they're not sure if they're going to like coaching, or if it will help them. So I've come up with a 3 session package at a discounted price - only $180 - so you can "try it on" before you commit to anything bigger.

  • The Quiet Zone Method: Wake Up Happy in the Morning Instead of limiting clients to a certain number of sessions, I've come up with an "unlimited" sessions package that's based over a period of time. During your Free Essential Life Skills Diagnostic Session, we'll come up with a customized package just for you. (Sessions are held based on availability, M-Sat from 10AM - 7PM.) For example, 6 Months is only $2495! Payment plans available, and a sliding scale fee program is also available.

You can see I've been busy! Reach out to me at or call/text 631.742.6079 to set up your free session!


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