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How to Stop Waiting for the Next Thing to Happen in Your Love Life

I was going to write an article today about something else. But while I was driving along, thinking about my next client, I realized that 10 minutes had passed that I didn’t remember. I was so focused on thinking about that client that I drove on autopilot, and

couldn’t recall anything about a whole stretch of road! I wasn’t being mindful.

Here’s something to consider: Every minute we spend focused on something other than right now is wasted. It’s gone. We’ll never get it back!

How much time do you spend imagining possible catastrophes in your love life? Is he going to cheat? Leave? Make you unhappy? Are you always focusing on whatever the next thing is that might happen?

Maybe you’re spending a lot of time thinking about things that happened in the past. You might have had your feelings hurt and mistakes may have been made, but you can’t seem to let them go.

Think about this: We spend 100% of our lifetime in this moment, right now. Doesn’t it make logical sense to not only focus on right now, but make the best out of it that we possibly can?

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t learn from the past, or plan for the future. But it’s not healthy, productive, logical, or FUN to live in those places! So how do we go about training ourselves to be mindful, positive, grateful, and learn to find awe, wonder, amazement, and love in the world of right now?

I’ll show you how! Let’s get started. It’s not as hard as you think - it just takes practice. This is what I teach my clients when they’re discovering how to find the perfect partner for them. (You can learn more about that at Grab a Perfect Partner Assessment on my services page, and we’ll see what’s holding you back, and how you can start finding the ideal partner for you.)

OBSERVE. Observe your environment, the way your body feels, the emotion you’re experiencing, what’s happening around you. Experience life. Immerse yourself in it. No judgments about good, bad, or indifferent. Just notice.

Here are some fun things you can do to learn to observe:

  • Notice every time you step on your left foot.

  • Look at your normal, day-to-day environment through the eyes of someone who hasn’t been there before. What do you notice?

  • Wear your favorite perfume and notice every time you smell the fragrance.

LEARN TO HAVE AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE AND POSITIVITY. A really easy way to start doing this is to use a Life Mantra. The one I teach my clients to use is: “What is some

thing good about right now?” It doesn’t have to be a huge honkin’ wonderful thing; it can be as small as, “I made it to work on time!” or, “I got everything on my shopping list,” or, “The sound of the birds chirping is really beautiful.”

Use the mantra as often as you can, for the smallest - or biggest! - of great things you experience every day. Here are some examples:

  • “Something wonderful about right now is the clean tap water coming out of the faucet.”

  • “Something wonderful about right now is having this amazing car to drive.” (No matter how old and decrepit it might be!)

  • “Something wonderful about right now is that my shirt is super soft and comfortable.”

  • “Something wonderful about right now is that the sun feels good on my skin.”

You get the idea! By using this Life Mantra, you’re training your subconscious mind to be positive and grateful in this moment, right now, for all the little things we normally don’t notice or take for granted.

Why should we do this? What does this have to do with your love life?

The attitude we send out - the vibe others pick up from us - determines the kind of people who are attracted to us. If we send out a vibe of neediness, anger, distrust, or desperation, potential partners who recognize and are familiar with that attitude will start swarming. The result will be codependent relationships, or attracting psychic vampires, users, and bullies.

BUT! If we’re displaying attitudes of positivity, gratitude, and awe of the miracles in life, we’ll attract people who recognize and are familiar with those vibes. Which kind of person do you want to attract?

This is only one way to attract the ideal partner for you! Grab a Perfect Partner Assessment (it’s free - my gift to you), and we’ll discover the top 3 things that are holding you back, and the #1 thing you can do to find the perfect partner! Get yours at


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