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How Gratitude Helps You with Stress & Overwhelm - and Gives You Joy

Gratitude: So why is that important? How does that help me when I'm in the middle of a divorce?

Gratitude and its cousin, Positivity, are ESSENTIAL to get through the emotional roller coaster of big life changes, like divorce, marriage, new babies, new jobs, and the loss of loved ones.

When we maintain a negative attitude, feeling like the universe, our ex, our boss, or the guy in the car next to us are all out to make our life a misery, we actually ATTRACT more negativity.

No, it's not woo-woo, it's science. Our attitude shows in micro facial expressions, body language, the way we speak, and the way we carry ourselves.

People who are also negative or take the good things in their lives for granted will find that attitude FAMILIAR, and be attracted to you! They'll bring their own negativity into YOUR space! So how do we prevent that?

Find gratitude for EVERYTHING, no matter how small. Find wonder and amazement for everything that comes into your world today.

While you're driving, be grateful for your car, and the people who designed it and manufactured it. Same goes for your cell phone, your computer, and your TV. Find the wonder in those miracles.

Notice nature. Appreciate the miracles! How do birds know how to fly together in flocks without crashing? How do trees and other plants survive the winter without dying? How do ants and bees know what they have to do in their families?

Turn negatives into positives. There is always something positive in every situation, no matter how bad it is. What lessons did you learn? How does this make you a better person? Even if it's only that you were strong enough to survive, that's still a positive you can be grateful for. Pat yourself on the back and give yourself a round of applause for being a Battle Tested Warrior!

Make this your mantra for today: "What is something good about right now?" Focus on THAT instead of what's wrong in your life.

If you'd like to learn more about staying calm and carrying on when the world feels like it's crashing down around you, take my course, "Secret Ways to Stop Stress in Its Tracks." It’s free, and you'll learn what to do when the chaos comes crashing down and the day is going to h*ll. It includes an instructional video, worksheet, divorce prep checklist, and a 1:1 session with me. You can find it here:

Susan Petang is a Certified Stress Management Coach who specializes in divorce. She's happily remarried, mother of 4 adults, and G'Ma to 1. She's the selected Stress Management Expert on Divorce by Rose, a community app for folks who are divorcing or contemplating it. She's also a member of the NADP (National Association of Divorce Professionals).

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