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Dealing with a Crappy Day

Bad days happen.  They just DO.  Since we can't control the ribbons of chaos that flow through our lives periodically, here are some tips on managing them:

1.  Stay in the present moment.  Notice the way your body feels.  Notice the environment around you as though you'd never seen it before.  Notice and appreciate little things around you.  Take 5 minutes to pick up an object - any object - and really look at it.  How does it feel?  What color is it?  How was it made?  Be amazed by it.  

2.  Accept the reality of the situation and master unrealistic expectations.  We can't control the behavior of others, or disasters that strike, or just plain old irritating events.  The only person over whom we have control is ourselves.  It's unreasonable to think others will behave the way we want them to, or that things will go smoothly all the time.

3.  Find something - anything - to be grateful for in the situation.  Rude co-worker?  You learned something about human nature.  Mistake in your work?  Now you'll know not to do that again.  Just plain old bad luck and a crappy day?  Be grateful for the strength you had to get through it, and remember that every day isn't going to feel this bad.

4.  Keep a lavender sachet or soap in your desk, and smell it when you're having a bad day - lavender is great aromatherapy for relaxation.  Drink a cup of chamomile tea, which is also known to reduce stress.


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