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Acknowledging a Higher Power

Acknowledging a Higher Power. Oooooo, that's a sticky subject, isn't it?

Some people believe in a personal God. Some people believe in the forces of nature. Some people aren't sure, or believe in no God at all. Why is this concept important for stress management?

When we think that we are the biggest, bestest, most powerful thing in the Universe, we become arrogant and entitled. When our mistaken belief in our own importance is at odds with reality, we experience stress. It doesn't matter what you believe in, as long as you believe in something. Even an atheist can acknowledge that the power of nature is greater than himself. It's important that we believe that SOMETHING is bigger and greater than we are.

Theoretical physicists are beginning to think that all things in the Universe are connected like a network, rather than built upon one building block at a time. When we view ourselves as greater than everything and everyone around us, we're removing ourselves from the network of all people, living creatures, matter, and energy.

I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't have healthy self esteem. I'm suggesting that we develop an appropriate humility and appreciation for the Universe around us. By acknowledging a Higher Power - even if that Power is simply science - we learn to better interact with the people, situations, and things in our world.

Take some time to explore what your personal Higher Power looks like. Take some time to define your personal value system, too, and make sure everything you do fits within those guidelines. Do you value honesty? Hard work? Compassion? Reliability?

Sometimes, when I'm under pressure and feeling stress, I notice and label my feelings and thoughts, describing them to my Higher Power. "This is what it's like to feel irritated. This is what's it's like to feel nervous. This is what it's like to feel anger." See how this works for you!


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