Divorced working women:

Would you like to find a partner who isn't a relationship loser or a psychic vampire?


Are any of these true for you?

  • Do you always seem to attract losers, jerks, and psychic vampires?

  • Do you feel like all the "good ones" are taken?

  • Are you afraid you're too old or not "fun" enough to find a great guy?

  • Have you had trouble finding someone understanding to be there for you when you're sad, upset, or angry?

What if things could be different?  Imagine yourself saying:

  • "I finally found a NICE guy!"

  • "I'm so relieved I won't be all alone when the kids go to college."

  • "It's wonderful to have someone who 'gets' me, who I can talk to about anything!"

  • "It feels so good to have someone else to share fun times with!"

How do I know this is possible?  Because I've been there!  I constantly attracted losers,  jerks, "Mama's Boys," and psychic vampires.

I learned a different way - and now I have an awesome, kind, compassionate man in my life who loves and values me as much as I love him.  And you can find the perfect partner, too!


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I grew up in a dysfunctional family.  My parents didn't get along.  My mom suffered from depression, my dad from anxiety.


I never learned the skills or got the tools I needed to attract a partner or create a healthy relationship.  I had to learn how.  That's how the "No More Losers" program was born!

Here's what my client Vanessa had to say about my program:

"Susan worked on many issues and helped coach me into gaining a better perspective on my relationships and helped teach me tools to resolve conflicts in all areas of my life. Every moment she was understanding and helped me find my own strength and self-worth."      -Vanessa M.

I've been there, done that, and made the t-shirt myself.  I can show you how, too!  "No More Losers" has the tools you need to find someone for couples night, for snuggling on a rainy Sunday morning, for love & support, or just simple companionship.

Begin attracting your Ideal Partner by watching my free video: "3 Surprising Ways Your Self-Talk Sabotages Your Love Life."

Susan Petang
The Quiet Zone Coaching
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