Feel Good, Be Happy, Get "Unstuck," & Beat Stress!

Take Your Life Back!  

Are You Ready for “The New Normal?”

It was tough enough to manage the stress, fear, and procedural changes that came with the Covid-19 lockdown.  Things are about to change AGAIN - and in a big way.

To help with this, The Quiet Zone is launching “New Normal” group coaching sessions, teaching adaptive coping strategies to avoid stress, anxiety, and PTSD.


Only $25 a session, which includes a video class & written materials to work with on your own, a weekly group support meeting, and an individual coaching session after Week 6.

Space is limited, so contact me now to get into the program!


Is This You?


  • Feeling "stuck"

  • Don't know what direction to go next

  • Experiencing frequent anger, frustration, anxiety or fear

  • Feel the need to have control over situations and others

  • Life lacks meaning

  • Wondering how you fit into the world, if at all

  • Seeking to fill a void

  • Feeling stressed out from daily life

  • Feeling out of control

  • Having relationship or family difficulties

I'm Susan Petang, an IACC Certified Life Coach, and author of The Quiet Zone - Mindful Stress Management for Everyday People.  My techniques are the result of over 30 years of research and life experience.

These strategies are what enabled me to find happiness, and overcome anxiety & depression when nothing else worked. Been there, done that, made the t-shirt myself, and have a unique empathy for others’ situations. My curriculum is based on science and psychology. I’m warm and fuzzy, wacky and funny, and not “stuffy.”

Coaching sessions are conducted through Zoom*, a free conferencing website.  Zoom also offers an app for your cell, so you can fit your sessions into a busy lifestyle.

*Face-to-face sessions are available for an additional fee.  Contact me for availability and rates.

Is This What You Want?
  • Find meaning and purpose to life

  • Feel happy again

  • Get "unstuck" and move forward in life

  • Handle difficult people and situations with ease

  • Find out how amazing you really are

  • Feel confident and content

  • Create and maintain healthy relationships

  • Be impactful in your world

  • Set and achieve healthy, realistic goals

  • Find personal fulfillment

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