I Teach Women Who Suffer with Anxiety How to Feel Good and Find Happiness.

Take Your Life Back!  

Yes, you CAN feel good, even when it seems like life is overwhelming!

  • Smack down stress, anxiety, anger, and bad emotional habits.

  • Learn to handle annoying people and situations, and how to calm down instantly.

  • Discover what to do when you’re p*ssed off.

  • Learn how to handle crappy days.

  • Find and keep a great relationship. (And the path is NOT what you think it should be!)

  • Find hidden happiness and a path through life.

  • Find out how amazing you really are!

  • Effective, easy to learn program is based on solid, proven psychology.

  • Video lessons, written materials, and one-on-one online sessions with a certified and experienced Life Coach.

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Is This You?


  • You wake up in the morning worried about what's going to happen that day. 

  • Your life feels out of control.

  • You have rushes of unwelcome thoughts and emotions.

  • You find yourself reacting, rather than acting.

  • You argue all the time with your partner.

  • Your boss is a jerk, and your coworkers don't talk to you.

  • You wind up isolating yourself from family and friends because you don't want them to know you're anxious and unhappy.

  • You're embarrassed and disappointed about the way you feel.  Will it always be this way? 

  • You feel overwhelmed and want a break from...  Everything.

I'm Susan Petang, an IACC Certified Life Coach, and author of The Quiet Zone - Mindful Stress Management for Everyday People.  My techniques are the result of over 30 years of research and life experience.

These strategies are what enabled me to find happiness, and overcome anxiety & depression when nothing else worked. Been there, done that, made the t-shirt myself, and have a unique empathy for others’ situations. My curriculum is based on science and psychology. I’m warm and fuzzy, wacky and funny, and not “stuffy.”

Coaching sessions are conducted through Zoom, a free conferencing website.  Zoom also offers an app for your cell, so you can fit your sessions into a busy lifestyle.

Is This What You Want?
  • You wake up in the morning, roll over, and kiss your wonderful partner.

  • ​You're looking forward to the day, the taste of your first amazing cup of coffee. hugs and kisses from your family, and the wonderful way the soap suds and warm water feel in the shower.

  • You look forward to getting your work tasks accomplished.

  • Your boss has just given you a raise and a promotion.

  • Your team is amazing, and you all work well together.

  • On your drive home, you listen to the beautiful birdsong and admire the sunset.

  • You're looking forward to the party this weekend to celebrate your sister's birthday.  It's great to see the family again!

  • You think about your life and the things and people you have in it.  You wouldn't change a thing.

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