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Working Moms:

Do You Lack the

 "Happiness Habits" that Keep Stress & Burnout Away?


Sometimes, life serves us up a plateful of steaming hot b*llsh*t.  That's just the way life IS.  As careful as we are, stuff HAPPENS.

Instead of letting it overwhelm and frustrate us, we can learn the habits and attitudes we need to:

  • Solve problems

  • Be a good role model for our kids

  • Attract POSITIVE stuff into our lives instead of "settling"

  • Build the self-confidence we need to get the job, promotion, or raise that we deserve

  • Find peace & happiness IN SPITE OF the chaos we sometimes face.

Happiness isn’t a goal to be achieved, like learning to play the guitar or getting your diploma.

It’s a by-product of certain habits and behaviors.
But what are those behaviors?  And how do you make them a habit?

That's what my course, "Happiness Habits to Beat Stress & Burnout" teaches you.

It doesn’t matter whether your UNhappiness is triggered from a divorce, toxic workplace or coworkers, difficult family relationships, or something else.

By the end of my course, you’ll have the tools you need to feel peaceful, happy, and beat stress & burnout.

How do I know this is possible?  Because I've been there! 

I learned how to develop these habits so I could triumph over the anxiety and depression that were sabotaging me.

Click the "I Want to Learn Happiness Habits!" button to get access to my course, "Happiness Habits to Beat Stress & Burnout."

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If you're tired of feeling like you're wading through molasses, and want to finally develop the habits you need to feel HAPPY for a change, then my "Happiness Habits to Beat Stress & Burnout" program is for you.


I'm an expert at developing new, positive habits that not only make you happy, but make stress and burnout melt away.

I've been there, done that, and made the t-shirt myself - and I can show you how, too!  At the end of my program, you'll know how to make any positive behavior a habit!


You'll be able to get through tough days in one piece, deal with toxic people and situations, and ride out nasty things like divorce without despair.


Start waking up happy in the morning for a change!

Here's what my client Vanessa had to say about my program:

"Susan worked on many issues and helped coach me into gaining a better perspective on my relationships and helped teach me tools to resolve conflicts in all areas of my life. Every moment she was understanding and helped me find my own strength and self-worth."      -Vanessa M.

Susan Petang
The Quiet Zone Coaching
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