Mindfulness & Meditation Coins


A great tool to assist in your Mindfulness and Meditation practice.  During stressful or unpleasant times, take 30 seconds or so to pull out a coin and observe it closely.  What colors do you see?  How do they melt into each other?  How does it feel in your hand?  Use this process to recenter and bring yourself back to this moment, right now.

When meditating, we can develop "monkey brain" - when it's difficult to focus our attention.  The coins can be used the same way as a focal point to keep your mind still.

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The Quiet Zone Workbook

The Quiet Zone - Mindful Stress Management for Everyday People.  (Available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.)  This workbook provides the basics of The Quiet Zone program that can be used alone or as part of your coaching package.  It's invaluable to keep the new skills you learn fresh after your coaching has ended.

Want a copy?  Here's the URL for the Amazon page where you can get a paperback or a Kindle version:


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