Have you ever had “work brain” ruin your entire weekend?

Maybe you come home and concerns from your day follow you like a stalker.  Or you wake up and are brain dead for hours because you’re thinking about how to handle the Bent Widgets report.

Then it’s time for you to take my “Dump the Junk:  How to Leave Work Stress at Work” Power Lesson and understand why you’re grouchy and irritable when you’re home.

You’’l learn why you get stuck in work mode and also why you feel like a hamster in a wheel… all in under an hour.

Here’s how it works:  You'll receive an email shortly with a link to a Video Lesson and a link to my calendar.  Watch the instructional video and work with the attached “Cheat Sheet” that gives you the strategies for positive, long lasting change, then schedule your one-on-one Zoom session with me.  

You’ll enjoy your time off again, be more fun to be around, and focus on what’s important to you!

Dump the Junk (How to Leave Work Stress at Work) - Power Session