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Get off the Emotional Rollercoaster of stressful life events with this free class.

Emotional first aid kit:
How to Get through tough days in one piece

Going through big life changes - like divorce, marriage, death, and babies - can be like stepping into an emotional blender.
Everything that's familiar and comforting to you is changing, leaving you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and maybe even paralyzed.  But you still have a life to live and stuff to do!
How can you go through your regular routine when you're so stressed out?
Take this free class for Emotional First Aid - real tools to get you through tough days in one piece.



Take this free class to get through tough days in one piece.

Congratulations! You'll receive links to the video, worksheet, and Susan's calendar via email within 48 hours. (Make sure to check your spam folder if you don't see it.)

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